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Barbara Gail Lewis
Owner and Lamp/Lampshade Designer
(207) 774-0740

Cut and pierced lampshades were very popular in the craft circles back in the 1980's. My mom had made a cut and pierced lamp shade and I thought that looked like a fun thing to try, so she showed me how to make one shade and that was it, I knew I had found my calling. Initially I had used ready made patterns but quickly dove in to creating my own designs and patterns. Reverse painted, cut and pierced shades are my specialty. This is a technique that when the light is off, the shade looks like an ordinary paper shade, but when you turn on the light, the design and colors come to life. This subtle approach compliments many room styles and is pleasing to the eye.
Barbara Gail's Lamps became an official business in 1994. My creative focus is to design and produce lampshades that are unique and special. I also began designing and making my own lamp bases out of anything glass such as bottles or vases. I especially like recycled glass jars, bottles and vases--they are very attractive and look fantastic when paired with my cut and pierced paper lampshades. My line of 'fillable' glass bases paired with my cut and pierced sea shell design lamp shades are extremely popular--a great way to show off sea shells you've collected in a functional way. I am especially proud to emphasize that everything is hand made and I put 110% into every order. Lamps are a great way to add new life to a tired room. They're beautiful and functional. Every lamp and lampshade is made to order so you are receiving a true custom lamp made especially for you.